Everyday Carry Submitted By: Joe

  • Glock 27 (.40)
  • 511* reversible black/Coyote Belt - Purchase on Amazon
  • Galco Kydex HolsterĀ - Purchase on Amazon
  • Kershaw Clash (left knife), Cheap and works perfectly (2nd one I’ve owned)
  • Leatherman Wave (right) best multi-tool one can buy for under $100.
  • always carry something to write with.
  • Preon II LED light (small, doesn’t take up space, multiple modes, very bright for a AAA battery light).
  • Wallet, Keys and I have been addicted to stride gum for years now.
  • iPhone 4S (not in picture because it took the picture in Griffin case which I prefer to theĀ Otter-Box)


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