Everyday Carry Submitted By: James A

Howdy folks!

First I’d like to say that many of you have inspired me, and this is my first post!

I have spent a while acquiring all this stuff. And I REALLY do carry (most of it) on a daily basis.

By day I am a college student in Utah, working towards a language degree, and plan on going into the military. At night I work at a major hotel in the Food and beverage business. I live in a poorer community (3 blocks from major homeless shelters) and I ride public transportation, and so security is vital.

Okay so lets begin starting from top left working to bottom right:

550 Paracord Belt: Looks like a pretty common belt, except its made up of black 550 paracord, about 100 feet of the stuff. For anyone serious about survival, paracord is a vital need. and having it on you at all times is AWESOME, plus this thing is HEAVY duty, I mean you can strap all sorts of things to it, and its not going anywhere. On hips

Casio PAW-2000 watch - Purchase on Amazon: this watch is awesome, altimeter, barometer, compass, plus its solar powered, with battery save functions, as well as many many other features. I also personally braided about 9 feet of 550 olive drab paracord with an adjustable connector. Left wrist, watch face facing towards body.

Jobon Dual function Lighter: this is a novelty butane lighter. I bought it off of a well known shopping website (don’t know if I can say names here, but its named after the amazon river). So far its pretty cool. I carry it when I smoke regular cigs. It turns on with a torch function, and then it goes to a soft flame (like a regular lighter), refillable and adjustable. Right back pocket (with flask)

Wiley X SG-1 ballistic sunglasses - Purchase on Amazon: Okay I only wear these if I am riding my bicycle, but these more qualify as goggles. Do an internet search and read about the ballistic qualities. I LITERALLY saw this exact pair get ran over by a car, munched up in a riding lawn mower, and dropped dozens of times. But order a couple of cheap parts, and boom, you still have your goggles/glasses. Also have smoke and clear lenses. Around neck

Motorola Defy - Purchase on Amazon: blah blah, its a smartphone, BUT this phone is WATERPROOF, yup I’ve gone swimming with it, dropped it in beer, vodka, and regularly listen to it in the shower haha. It has a 3500 mah battery (lasts all day with wifi and bluetooth, in battery saver mode). 5MP camera with flash. Carried in right pocket (with e-cig and bluetooth).

Tac-Force knife - Purchase on Amazon: Do a search for “Tac Force TF-711BK Assisted Opening Folding Knife”. This knife ROCKS! It is spring assisted (push a button and it flies open), has a window breaker, seat belt cutter (tested and it works decently well), half serrated blade, kind of a saw back, and a box opener (it is the thumb stud, but when its closed its GREAT for opening boxes and not possibly damaging goods). I use this knife for EVERYTHING, its great, great great! Right Inside Waist Band.

Armor - Learn More / Purchase: Okay so just below the knife you’ll notice a big black square. This thing is actually about .25” thick, and I literally carry this with me in my back pack EVERYDAY. It weighs about 7.5 lbs, and it is rated to take multiple hits from 5.56x45 (.223 rem) penetrator rounds, 7.62x39 non AP, and .308 winchester (7.62x51) non-AP. Do a google search for AR500 armor, and buy from them. It takes a couple months to get the order, but man, is it peace of mind that if a school shooting WAS to take place, I have 123.5 square inches of bullet stopping power. This IS NOT carried on my body though, so maybe it shouldn’t make it… I also carry a lot of other gear in my backpack, but I won’t go into that. Backpack

Plantronics Voyager 855 bluetooth set - Shop on Amazon: This blue tooth ROCKS! Besides talking with clarity hands free, I can attach a secondary line and turn it into headphones when I work out. (ladies dig it). Carried in right pocket (with e-cig and phone)

Taurus 738 “TCP”: The Taurus Compact Pistol is a .380 ACP compact gun. Crimson trace laser grip. I have the Universal Clipdraw carrying system installed on it (AWESOME). Since theres no “holster” and I like to carry with a bullet in chamber, and since theres no safety on these 380’s, I fashioned (whittled) a cork from a wine bottle to act as a trigger stopping device. I train with it, it takes maybe 2 seconds to draw and push out the cork, if the cork gets too loose, I replace it.This gun rides Inside Waist Band just behind my back (along my spine) and is VERY difficult to see even if I am not wearing a shirt. Spare clip rides in back left pocket (with wallet).

Key arrangement:

Attached with my keys is a Sabre Pepper spray. I have shot this from my porch and it goes about 20 feet, and claims to have 25 sprays. People (former military/police) online say its as bad as tear gas and equivalent.

Fenix LD15 High Performance LED - Purchase on Amazon - This little light takes 1 AA battery, and is IPX-8  water proof, has two modes: 117 lumens (1.5 hours) and 8 lumens (39 hours). It operates via twisting: twist on for high, twist off and on rapidly for low

Micro-tool - this is a swiss tech micro tool. I actually have another one that has more functions, but I think this a 7 function: 4 screw drivers, pliers, wire cutters, measuring tool. My newer one has a hand drill!

Keys arrangement is carried in left front pocket

Flask - This is only carried to concerts or other events where alcohol is too expensive or prohibited and I feel safe enough to bring it. (note: firearm and ammo is NOT carried with alcohol. EVER). Back right pocket (with Jobon lighter)

V2 E-cig - This thing is cool. I usually carry this and forgo the standard cigs and lighter. Charge it up, and have a cartridge with 18 mg of nicotine and its good for 200 puffs. Charges off of USB with adaptor. Carried in right pocket (with cell phone and bluetooth)

Wallet - simple binder clip, carried in back left pocket (with spare mag)


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