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Everyday Carry Submitted By: constant-pursuit
citizen eco-drive leather - Purchase on Amazon
pratt and hart leather driving gloves - Purchase on Amazon
cracked iphone 4s - Purchase on Amazon
canon 28mm 2.8 prime - Purchase on Amazon
ray ban polarized wayfarers - Purchase on Amazon
klipsch s4’s - Purchase on Amazon
burt’s beeswax pink grapefruit
skagen card-cash holder
infiniti keys

Everyday Carry Submitted By: constant-pursuit

Everyday Carry Submitted By: hi-status
TAURUS 85 NICKEL PLATED loaded with hornady 115 grain critical defense ammo carried In a fobus kydex paddle holster (not pictured)
ALUMINUM SPEED LOADER BY loaded with 5 hornady critical defense ammo
Cold Steel Urban Pal - Purchase on Amazon
Aluminum Wallet w/ Keys Inside - Purchase on Amazon
Nikel Plated Zippo With Cross
Zero Tolerance 0350 - Purchase on Amazon
Jack Daniels Flask - Purchase on Amazon
Canon AV-1 with 1.4 lens - Purchase on Amazon
Morgan Dollar S Mark - Purchase on Amazon
Code of Bushido Challenge Coin
Streamlight Scorpion X - Purchase on Amazon
Leather Notebook - Purchase on Amazon

Everyday Carry Submitted By: hi-status

Pocket Dump Submitted By: Bernard B.
Subaru Car Key & Fob & House Key with Carabiner
$12 in change in PVC Holder (4 Loonies & 4 Toonies)
Antique Toronto Transit Subway Token holder
iPhone 5 & Leather Belt Holster - Purchase on Amazon
Sexton Z87 Safety Sunglasses (Atlas Machine Tools on Queen St.)
Pelican 1910 AAA LED Flashlight - Purchase on Amazon
SOG Crosscut Folding Multi-Tool - Purchase on Amazon
Fisher Trekker Space Pen - Purchase on Amazon
USB Key - Purchase on Amazon
Folding Magnifier Photo Loupe - Purchase on Amazon
1.5x Readers - Purchase on Amazon
Meistersinger Scripto 1Z Single Hand Watch
Becker Necker BK-11 Knife & Kydex Sheath - Purchase on Amazon
Wallet - Purchase on Amazon
Memo Book (Home made)
Access Cards, Computer Rm Key, Gerber Pocket Screw Driver
Meds in a Canon Compact Flash Case
(Aspirin, Motrin, Tylenol, Benadryl, Hypertension Pills)

Pocket Dump Submitted By: Bernard B.

EDC By: amisingh
Bandana (serves as handkerchief) - Purchase on Amazon
Opinel No. 6 knife - Purchase on Amazon  
Lip Ivo  
iPhone 4 - Purchase on Amazon   
Col. Littleton No. 50 Phone Wallet  
Keys carried on ML Brown Braided Keychain  
Shure E4 Earbuds - Purchase on Amazon 
Lamy Fountain Pen - Purchase on Amazon  
Moleskin Notebook - Purchase on Amazon  
Swatch GB743 - Purchase on Amazon  
Canon S100 Camera - Purchase on Amazon  
Surefire G2x Tactical Flashlight - Purchase on Amazon  

EDC By: amisingh

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