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Everyday Carry Submitted By: Rick

Really enjoying the site.  Unfortunately I am now suffering from kit envy.  This is my current have to have collection.  

  • Watch: plain numbers & dials, inexpensive so no worries of damage
  • Reading glasses
  • Pen: Pilot Hi-Techpoint 0.7mm - Amazon (Chest pocket) 
  • Lexar 16GB drive (Front Left Pants Pocket) - Amazon
  • Multi-tool & Jack knife: Part of a three piece $14 kit but very durable and holds an edge well for the price.  (Left Coat Pocket)
  • Swistech folding pliers - Handy little tools (Front Left)
  • Leather wallet  (Rear Left) 
  • 9 LED flashlight  (Front Left Pocket)
  • Samsung Galaxy S II LTE in an Otter case.  (Front Right Pocket)
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Every Day Carry By: hi-status

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(Submitted) EDC By: David H.

A little heavy for some, but I take public transportation a couple days a week from the city to the foothills, so I carry a few extra things in case of a blizzard or something.

From top left:

  • Paracord belt (~100 ft), Homemade, Quick Tinder in the Belt Loop, Lithium Batteries, fish hooks, leds, and signal mirror in the liner.
  • ACU Camo Paracord Ankle Bracelet (~6 ft) - Chain Sinnet weave, comes undone in about 2 seconds
  • Kershaw Ken Onion Leek 1660 - Purchase On Amazon »
  • Carmex
  • Duct Tape / Vinyl First Aid wallet, alcohol wipes, butterfly bandages, and anti-biotic Band-Aids
  • Uzi Tactical Pen - Purchase On Amazon »
  • Slim Clip - Purchase On Amazon »
  • Fenix LD01  - Purchase On Amazon »
  • Citizen Eco-Drive  - Purchase On Amazon »
  • Keys - Because of work, I wear slacks a lot, so everything needs to fit inside the standard 4 pockets, hence the keys are a bit bulky, but they work well for me.
  • Utilikey, Handcuff Key, Personal Keys, Spyderco Bug, Photon Freedom Covert, Duct Tape (~3 ft), Emergency Cash, Iodine Tabs (1 gal), Homemade Fire Striker
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(Submitted) EDC By: Mike E.

  • Citizen Skyhawk Eco Drive - Purchase On Amazon »
  • Boker Orion (Titanium Alloy Blade)
  • Sig P238 
  • Equinox Nitecore SR3 220 Lumens »
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Pocket Dump By: YellowHammer_02

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Bag Dump By: Beorn Ours

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