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Everyday Carry Submitted By: Victor
Galaxy S4 - Purchase on Amazon
Guess wallet - Shop on Amazon
Bunch of Keys with carabiners
Survival Paracord Cobra Braid with whistle
Timex Expedition T49854 with nylon strap - Purchase on Amazon
Leatherman Sidekick with tactical dummy cord + carabiners
Spyderco Ambitious - Purchase on Amazon
Spyderco Persistence - Purchase on Amazon

Everyday Carry Submitted By: Victor

(Submitted) EDC By: Matt Hall (Read EDC Gear Article)
Leuchiturm 1917 Gridded Notebook
Lamy 2000 Fine Nib Fountain Pen - Purchase on Amazon
OBSTRUCTURES// Plate Wallet prototype
iPhone with Magpul Case - Purchase on Amazon
Fenix E15 with sandblasted clop - Purchase on Amazon
Swedish Military Cigarette Case for odds and ends
Laco WUS-LE Handwind watch
Military earplugs - Purchase on Amazon
Scho-Ka-Kola energy chocolate - Learn More
OBSTRUCTURES// Pry-Open Tool & Stainless cable ring
Titanium toothpick case
Emerson A100 Knife

(Submitted) EDC By: Matt Hall (Read EDC Gear Article)