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EDC Submitted By: Zach M.

I fell upon your site a few months back and loved it, very informative and it’s nice knowing there are others like myself out there holding onto their ManCard with pride! It amazes me what little some people carry on them, I have been the hero in so many situations. Thank you so much for the information and providing a resource to update and rework my EDC.

Let me know what you think, there are others that I switch in and out depending on the task or location (i.e. handgun and wilderness survival kit)

Ok, here we go…

First, the items always on me:

Editor’s Note: Love the EDC!  How do you like the Inova flashlight? I was also wondering what kind of Paracord you used and where you purchased it! 

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(Submitted) EDC By: kye4some

From left to right:

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