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Everyday Carry Submitted By: NorCal EDC

  1. Streamlight Nano - Purchase on Amazon
  2. 12mm liquid filled button compass
  3. Matches - Shop on Amazon
  4. Safety Pins - Shop on Amazon
  5. Pain medication - Shop on Amazon
  6. 4GB Flashdrive - Shop on Amazon
  7. Butterfly closures - Shop on Amazon
  8. Band aid - Shop on Amazon
  9. Razorblade - Shop on Amazon
  10. SS 14g wire - Shop on Amazon
  11. Fishing hook - Shop on Amazon
  12. Sewing needle - Shop on Amazon
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Every Day Carry Submitted By: Brian J.

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Everyday Carry Submitted By: Nick S.

Love the blog - so many great EDCs shown, that I feel like I need about 2 dozen EDC kits based on cool stuff people have shared. Anyway, here’s mine (Though my wallet is not shown - it’s just my stack of cards wrapped in a server-room velcro tie. High Class!)

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Submitted EDC By: xceptnl

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