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Everyday Carry Submitted By: borghalrantipole

My EDC/Bag-Dump (presented in something vaguely resembling left-to-right):

Three Altoids Smalls Tins:

  • Red: 3 Bandaids, Claritin, Dayquil, aspirin and an antacid.
  • Blue: Bose earbuds
  • Green: Mints!

In my Leatherman Sheath:

On my key-ring (sans keys):

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Wanted to tell you about a project I started on Kickstarter ( for a think wallet that I think your followers will be interested in.  I had EDC fans in mind when I sought to design a wallet that could carry both cash and cards and keep a low profile.  Let me know what you think.



Editor’s Note: Robert the wallet looks awesome! Love the small profile and the attention to detail.

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