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Murdered Out Everyday Carry Submitted By: Mr. Dexter

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Everyday Carry Submitted By: Colter

I was pretty excited to see that you posted my EDC but I am concerned that I may have lowered the bar. To remedy this I’ve put together something more current, one of my growing number of rotations with a light that I’ve just started testing. Of course the Wave has been a faithful companion for years and years and putting it on is simply a part of my morning routine, not likely to ever change. However, I did returned to the old original sheath until I find something I really like.

  • Leatherman Wave - Purchase on Amazon
  • Zebra SL-F1 - Purchase on Amazon
  • S-Biner #3 - Purchase on Amazon - carrying my keys and a few essential drugs.
  • Larger CRKT Ripple w/aluminum handles - Purchase on Amazon. Virtually weightless.
  • Crelant V11A. 1xAA 3 mode, reverse clicky and memory. So far, excellent for something a little larger with a more tactical interface.
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Every Day Carry Submitted By: Daniel

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Everyday Carry Submitted By: borghalrantipole

My EDC/Bag-Dump (presented in something vaguely resembling left-to-right):

Three Altoids Smalls Tins:

  • Red: 3 Bandaids, Claritin, Dayquil, aspirin and an antacid.
  • Blue: Bose earbuds
  • Green: Mints!

In my Leatherman Sheath:

On my key-ring (sans keys):

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Every Day Carry Submitted By: Ah Darko

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Everyday Carry Submitted By: taldyk

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Everyday Carry Submitted By: kye4some

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Thunder's EDC:

  • Springfield XDS .45acp (5+1 capacity) - Loaded with Federal Premium Low Recoil Hydra-Shok. I carry this in a Uncle Mike’s Number 12 IWB holster. Which was originally going to be temporary until I found a nicer leather holster, but it fits so perfectly and is very comfortable to wear, so I’ve just been sticking with that.
  • Spare 5 round XDS Magazine - This rides on my belt in the nylon pouch that came with the Skeletool. It fits it well, and is easy to access.
  • Motorola Droid Razr M - Purchase on Amazon - A recent acquisition  which replaced the Droid Gen 1 I carried for a good few years. I know it is much more fragile than the tank (in comparision) that the Gen 1 was, so I bought a OtterBox case for it. 
  • CRKT Heiho - Purchase on Amazon (Assisted Open Model) - Where I work, my EDC blades are constantly being filled and gummed up with flour, and this one has not had a problem opening yet. I carry this clipped inside my strong-side pocket
  • Streamlight ProTac 2L - Purchase on Amazon - I carry this clipped inside my weak-side pocket most of the time. 
  • Leatherman Skeletool - Purchase on Amazon  - Clipped inside one of my back pockets usually
  • Docker Tri-Fold Wallet - Purchase on Amazon
  • Bic Lighter - Purchase on Amazon (6 Pack) - Most think it’s weird that I don’t smoke, yet always have a lighter. But why would I not want to have the element of fire in my pocket? 
  • Streamlight Nano - Purchase on Amazon - light - Rides on keychain.
  • Gerber Shard - Purchase on Amazon - Such a nifty little tool for the low cost, I use it all the time. It also rides on my keychain.
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Leatherman Everyday Carry Submitted By: CB

Leathermans in marching formation…

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