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Everyday Carry Submitted By: beachgrrrrl14

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(Submitted) EDC By: Ike

I would love to drop some of the keychain weight, but the work keys are beefy (double barrel lock).  In my backpack which is almost always with me, I carry a Leatherman Fuse / Gerber Tempo / Mini Sharpie.  I have enough tools in the S2000 to pull my transmission (did this once), a Quark AA2, and a decent first aid kit.

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EDC @ The Bank By: Wally

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(Submitted) EDC - This is my current EDC less the pistol…I live in California and unfortunately a CCW is near impossible here, especially in the bay area but one can dream right?

  • Red Wing 2971’s - Purchase On Amazon »
  • Rag/Handkerchief - Purchase On Amazon »
  • SUPERretrofuture basics (1 of 3 pair I switch up w/daily)
  • Grandfather’s pocket comb
  • iPhone 4S w/recover walnut back - Purchase On Amazon »
  • Grand Father’s wedding ring & custom-match pinky ring had made
  • Vintage Leather Belt (survived an EMT cut-off after a car accident I was in) I’ve worn over 10 years.
  • Leatherman Wave - Purchase On Amazon »
  • Louis Vuitton business card holder as wallet (always have $2-300 cash on hand)
  • Brass Belt-loop Clip Ring w/house, mail, and safe keys, grandfather’s WWII EDC medallion, & quick release for either my S4 daily or my custom harley bobber
  • Glock 23 (.40 cal) w/a few mods
I feel I should add a light to this, but the LED flashlight app on my iPhone along with some other useful ones (level, measuring tape, etc.) seem to do the job fine as an all-in-one solution.

Editor’s Note - Take a look at getting a dedicated light, you would be surprised how often you would use it. Recommendations SureFire E2D, Fenix LD20, 4Sevens Quark Mini 123 . Love the layout! 
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EDC By: thenorthwolf

  • TAG Heuer F1
  • MSR Towel
  • LV Wallet
  • Moleskine Mini Notepad
  • Phone
  • Leatherman Style PS
  • Black Delrin Capsule (compass, 123 Cell, pills, etc.)
  • Hinderer Investigator Ti Pen, ANSO Ti Biner
  • Atwood Ti Atwrench
  • Strider SNG CC TAD Edition (BLK)
  • Lens Light Mini Ti TAD Edition
  • Titanium Split Ring 32mm
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