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EDC Flashlight + Multi-Tool Submitted By: Ryan

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Everyday Carry Submitted By: mgrant5x5

  • Maratac small pilots watch - CountyComm
  • Maratac AAA flashlight - CountyComm
  • Butterfly ultra light Wallet  - REI
  • Benchmade Mini Griptillian - Amazon
  • Keys with a Chopper TT Pocket Tool 
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Police / Law Enforcement Everyday Carry EDC Submitted By: crock123

This is my current setup. I am constantly looking for other options…

This month’s work EDC:

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Everyday Carry Submitted By: Nick S.

Love the blog - so many great EDCs shown, that I feel like I need about 2 dozen EDC kits based on cool stuff people have shared. Anyway, here’s mine (Though my wallet is not shown - it’s just my stack of cards wrapped in a server-room velcro tie. High Class!)

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MARATAC™ AAA Flashlight Review By: Alan M.

Submitted Every Day Carry By: RevCov

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Personal Work Every Day Carry

This is my personal EDC when I am in and out of meetings.

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Minimal Work Every Day Carry

I am working on an extensive review on the CountyComm Maratac AAA Flashlight. The little light is pretty amazing for its size.

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EDC By: kyeandtabbs

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(Submitted) EDC By: Demiurge

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