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Everyday Carry Submitted By: Rick

Really enjoying the site.  Unfortunately I am now suffering from kit envy.  This is my current have to have collection.  

  • Watch: plain numbers & dials, inexpensive so no worries of damage
  • Reading glasses
  • Pen: Pilot Hi-Techpoint 0.7mm - Amazon (Chest pocket) 
  • Lexar 16GB drive (Front Left Pants Pocket) - Amazon
  • Multi-tool & Jack knife: Part of a three piece $14 kit but very durable and holds an edge well for the price.  (Left Coat Pocket)
  • Swistech folding pliers - Handy little tools (Front Left)
  • Leather wallet  (Rear Left) 
  • 9 LED flashlight  (Front Left Pocket)
  • Samsung Galaxy S II LTE in an Otter case.  (Front Right Pocket)
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Every Day Carry By: hi-status

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Multitool By: allcool

Pocket Tool X Piranha - Purchase on Amazon

The Piranha is a single-piece, multi-purpose pocket tool that is constructed from heat-treated and corrosion-resistant 420 Stainless Steel. A built-in rubber bit holder secures full size bits, such as the included hardened steel USA-made double-ended Phillips/flathead that has been coated in rust-resistant black oxide. Like the fish for which it’s named, the Piranha will help you get the job done quickly: tightening screws, loosening bolts, prying things open and popping the tops on your favorite beverages. And since you’ll barely notice this super slim multi tool in your pocket, it is perfect for everyday carry.

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(Submitted) EDC By: David H.

A little heavy for some, but I take public transportation a couple days a week from the city to the foothills, so I carry a few extra things in case of a blizzard or something.

From top left:

  • Paracord belt (~100 ft), Homemade, Quick Tinder in the Belt Loop, Lithium Batteries, fish hooks, leds, and signal mirror in the liner.
  • ACU Camo Paracord Ankle Bracelet (~6 ft) - Chain Sinnet weave, comes undone in about 2 seconds
  • Kershaw Ken Onion Leek 1660 - Purchase On Amazon »
  • Carmex
  • Duct Tape / Vinyl First Aid wallet, alcohol wipes, butterfly bandages, and anti-biotic Band-Aids
  • Uzi Tactical Pen - Purchase On Amazon »
  • Slim Clip - Purchase On Amazon »
  • Fenix LD01  - Purchase On Amazon »
  • Citizen Eco-Drive  - Purchase On Amazon »
  • Keys - Because of work, I wear slacks a lot, so everything needs to fit inside the standard 4 pockets, hence the keys are a bit bulky, but they work well for me.
  • Utilikey, Handcuff Key, Personal Keys, Spyderco Bug, Photon Freedom Covert, Duct Tape (~3 ft), Emergency Cash, Iodine Tabs (1 gal), Homemade Fire Striker
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(Submitted) EDC By: Mike E.

  • Citizen Skyhawk Eco Drive - Purchase On Amazon »
  • Boker Orion (Titanium Alloy Blade)
  • Sig P238 
  • Equinox Nitecore SR3 220 Lumens »
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Pocket Dump By: YellowHammer_02

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