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Everyday Carry Submitted By: Depotmsafilms

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Everyday Carry Submitted By: LordRay

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German Students EDC Submitted By: Tim K.

Starting top left, then going clockwise:

This is just the basic EDC, Part on me, part in the bag I carry to uni every day.

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Simple Everyday Carry Submitted By: gffhfg


  • Corter Leather Bottle Hook in Copper
  • SS Split Pea lighter
  • Fenix E05 - Purchase on Amazon
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Work EDC Submitted By: edc-andgadgets

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Everyday Carry Submitted By: John R.

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Every Day Carry Submitted By: Ah Darko

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Everyday Carry Submitted By: Spencer

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Everyday Carry Submitted By: MIchael W.

Hi, I am a 17 yrs old student living in China.

Many of the things I buy are from China because they are cheap and they quality is decent.

  • Kershaw w/ gut hook and glass breaker (bought in China)
  • SAK Victorinox Climber (US) - Purchase on Amazon
  • Zippo lighter (US) - Purchase on Amazon
  • Cree Q5 flashlight (Chinese knockoff) many companies make this type of flashlight
  • Pilot G2 Black 0.7mm - Purchase on Amazon
  • Sony Earphones MDR-EX60iP (bought in Japan)
  • Cheap No Brand Wallet(China) stores credit card survival tool, id, smartcard(RFiD), some bandaids, tweezers, and a small exacto blade
  • 30-50 yuan($5-$10) in a money clip for quick access
  • Watch-Casio PRW-1300TJ Pro-trek, as a boyscout and an avid outdoorsman, this watch is really useful, it has a compass, barometer, and altimeter.
  • Nature Valley Granola Bar, I wear cargo pants in the winter and during the summer I’ll carry a belt kit, so there’s plenty of space for me to store all this and the granola bar
  • Keychain-where I live, there is a large main gate that you can only access with the yellow id card, there are 2 doors to my house, like many others in China, I carry a small keychain tool that has scissors, a small knife, and a file, I got this off a manicure set, I carry a key shaped USB on it, a small flat head and phillips screwdriver for my glasses and other delicate repairs, the other keys are just for my mailbox and drawers.

Thanks for Reading

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